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India scores very low (rank 155 in year 2014) on Environment Performance Index (EPI). With our GDP’s expected growth of 8% p.a. or higher for next 30 years, the environmental foot print is going to be much larger with severe consequences for the country and its populations. At the same time, it will put enormous pressure on scarce natural resources like water, soil, minerals, biodiversity, energy, agriculture, etc.

India’s Population density also ranks among the highest globally. Further growth of population, rising GDP and increasing urbanization is also going to put immense pressure on land while increasing the generation of wastes. The natural environment including air, water, ecology, and biodiversity will not survive if remedial actions are not initiated right now.

Need for recycling and environmental protection

Recycling contributes to a clean and healthy environment for now and the future.

We generate waste with any and every daily activity. While Indians are traditional recyclers, of late the quantum of wastes has increased and recycling has become difficult and complex therefore there is need of appropriate technologies and compliance regulatory framework to make recycling economically attractive. Done right, recycling of wastes can generate wealth, conserve precious and scarce natural resources (including land), protect environment, and be economically attractive for the generator, recycler, society and the mother earth.





An Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a qualified Company Secretary, he is the Whole Time Director of Rubamin Limited a USD 300m group engaged in manufacturing of copper blister, mineral exploration services, manufacturing of non-ferrous metal chemicals and recycling of galvanizing zinc waste and spent catalyst from oil refineries. He has been the Head of Rubamin’s Zinc Division, India’s Largest Zinc Oxide manufacturer and exporter, for over 11 years and now heads the Corporate Strategy & Planning for the group.

He has authored several articles and presented several papers in National & International conferences on Sustainable Recycling, Commodity Hedging, Surface Coatings, Micronutrients for Agriculture, Animal Feed and Zinc Oxide in Rubber. He has in the past held the executive offices of several industry associations including Member of the Executive Committee of Indian Rubber Institute (Gujarat Chapter), Director for Material Recycling Association of India (Non-Ferrous Metals) (2018-19) & Vice President Exim Club, Gujarat (2017-18).